Mortgage Pre-Qualification

Some local lenders for your consideration.

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Words About the Lender You Choose

  • The competence of your lender will dramatically affect the outcome of your home buying experience, particularly because Colorado is a state with “table funding” at closing date.
  • Lenders who do not meet contract deadlines at escrow may put you at considerable legal risk if they cannot/do not fund at scheduled closing because you then are failing to perform on the contract.  If your lender fails to fund, and if the seller has competing or secondary-position offers, he can void your contract and immediately accept another offer.  If this happens, you would lose your earnest money deposit.
  • Beware of certain Internet lenders.  These “faceless” sources of loans can create all sorts of problems for you.
  • Often the best results come when a local lender is chosen.
  • You have the right and the responsibility to choose your lender.  Interview several lenders to find with whom you feel most confident.

Photo of Joey Hansen

Joey Hansen - Loan Officer

NMLS#96996 | LMB100050764

Joey is located in our Loveland office and has been lending for 11 years. She loves the distinct seasons that Colorado offers, and plays in the great outdoors as much as possible with her husband and two young sons. She also loves to cook gourmet meals as long as she has a good recipe to follow. If there’s no such good recipe, then she simply loves to eat gourmet meals.