Jaio's Home Buyer's Guide

My informative step-by-step guide for finding and buying the home of your dreams.

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Your Custom Home Buyer’s Guide

I have written a Home Buyer’s Guide that not only is informative, but also can be customized to your “wants” and requirements for the home you wish to buy.  Much of this information is not available elsewhere, and may not be found in one easy-to-read, and all-in-one-place format like what I have compiled in this Guide.

My Home Buyer’s Guide can be a valuable tool for your education and step-by-step approach to finding your home, formulating your offer and winning the contract for the home of your dreams. 

And best of all, it’s free for your asking.  Simply click here and I can send you a copy of the Guide, with no obligation on your part.  After studying it, if you then wish to meet I can provide additional help to customize the Guide to your specific requirements.

I am happy to serve you, and my approach always is to achieve your best interests.

My Home Buyer’s Guide contains valuable information on the following topics:

  • An Organizer for your “want’s” and requirements
  • Mortgage Considerations and Preferred Lenders
  • The 1% = 10% Rule and how it affects your buying power
  • Search Tools and your personal smart phone app for customizing your search in “real-time”
  • Price Considerations
  • Pricing Myths a buyer should understand
  • Getting ready to write an offer
  • My Commitment to you
  • The Power of The Group Inc.
  • FAQ’s for the Buyer
    • Your offer price – strategies, considerations, contingencies
    • Inclusions and Exclusions
    • What you can afford
    • Appraisals and Market Values – a house’s worth
    • Property Taxes
    • Escrow and Closing Costs
    • Links to Northern Colorado
    • And much more…